Learning Together

CBR Canada hosts webinars and live online discussions to bridge capacities and foster community-based research excellence. Below are webinar recordings and event summaries, organized from the most recent to earlier.


Research 101: Developing a “Manifesto” for Ethical CBR in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

Scott Neufeld, Jule Chapman and Jim McLeod

presentation slides


Community-Based Research with Young People Experiencing Homelessness

Jayne Malenfant and Mickey Watchorn

presentation slides


Social Innovation in Northern, Rural, and Indigenous Communities

Jude Ortiz and Gayle Broad

presentation slides


How CBR Theory is Put into Practice – Developing a Co-Curricular Research Shop Model

C.A. Klassen

presentation slides


How CBR Theory is Put into Practice – A CBR Approach to Suicide Prevention and Life Promotion Research

Amanda Demmer

presentation slides


How CBR Theory is Put into Practice – Research Ethics as Praxis: Being Mindful of Potential Harm and Benefits to Research Participants

Ryan Huckle

presentation slides

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