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Video Conference

CBRCanada provides interactive, stand-alone workshops and courses on community-based research for organizations and post-secondary institutions. Workshop content can be tailored to staff at non-profit organizations, graduate students, early career researchers, faculty, and university administrators. Workshops are currently offered online however, in-person workshops may be available at a later date.  

Custom Workshops 


This 8-week interactive, cohort-based certification course is facilitated by leaders in community-based research. The course bridges community-based research capacities by equipping you with research theory and tools helpful in conducing community-based research with excellence. 

It is an online self-paced course 

with a variety of opportunities for networking via Community Based Research Canada’s pre-existing programming. 


 Community-Based Research Course

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Leading experts in community-based research can lead coaching sessions  with students, researchers, and other research professionals to bridge capacity in areas including: 

  • Designing and conducting community-based research or evaluation 

  • Community-based, participatory decision-making and/or facilitation 

  • Participatory data analysis  

  • Ethics and community-based research 

  • Participatory and action-oriented knowledge mobilization 

Community-Based Research Canada bridges capacity with researchers, students, academics, and community practitioners in community-based research. We offer three fee-for-service opportunities, which may be requested at any time. 

Who Would Benefit

  • Researchers (academic or community-based) 

  • Reviewers of community-based projects/proposals 

  • Graduate students or other trainees 

  • Administrators  

  • Funders of community-based research projects

To learn more about CBRCanada training opportunities, contact

The Community-Based Research Excellence Tool (CBRET)

All CBRCanada training includes exclusive accress to CBRET, a reflective tool that assesses the quality and impact of projects when 1) planning a community-based research project; 2) designing existing projects; and 3) evaluating proposals or past projects. CBRET was collaboratively developed as a result of the 2014 SSHRC-funded National Summit on Community-Campus Collaborative Research Indicators of Excellence held in Waterloo Ontario and tested nationally and internationally (read more). 

What People are Saying

CBRET workshops have taken place across Canada. Workshop participants highly praised the effective facilitation, hands-on application, networking, learning about community-based research, and thought-provoking discussions. Read the workshop reports here.

This tool helps to balance power among people and describes how to work well with all. This is not a math formula, it is really a new mindset for designing and conducting community-based research” 

- Workshop participant

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