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CBR Canada hosts webinars and live online discussions to bridge capacities and foster community-based research excellence. Below are webinar recordings and event summaries, organized from the most recent to earlier.

Live online discussion: Decolonizing Research Systems

Speaker: Dr. Rhonda Hackett

Facilitator: Dr. Charlotte Loppie

November 27th Summary Report

Live online discussion: Goodbye 2020: Lessons Learned for Community-Based Research

Facilitator: Steve Dooley

December 17th

Summary Report

Live online discussion: Researcher Identity and Privilege

Speakers: Dr. Ciann Wilson and Ann Marie Beals

Facilitator: Julia Coburn

October 29th Summary Report


Decolonizing and Racing Research: Critical Perspectives on Research with Racialized Communities

Dr. Rhonda Hackett

presentation slides


Proclaiming the Roots and Realities of Indigenous-Black Peoples on Turtle Island: A CBR Approach

Dr. Ciann Wilson and Ann Marie Beals

presentation slides

Live online discussion: BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) Community-Led Research

Speakers: Ngozi Joe- Ikechebelu, Patience Magagula, and Jean Nsengiyumva

Facilitator: Dr. Charlotte Loppie

October 1st Summary Report


Opportunities and barriers for genuine participation of racialized communities in CBR: A social determinants of health case study with Sub-Saharan African Women Living with HIV (SSAWLH) in BC

Ngozi Joe-Ikechebelu and Patience Magagula

presentation slides

Live online discussion: Community-Based Research at a Distance

Facilitator: Crystal Tremblay

Summary Reports

June 11

June 4

May 14


Shifting the narrative: A health-focused approach to research with HIV-Positive Indigenous

women in Canada

Doris Peltier and Tracey Prentice

presentation slides


From patient-oriented research to patient-led research – an exploration from the patient-perspective

Beverley Pomeroy

presentation slides


Fostering a patient-oriented research ecosystem: Lessons from BC SUPPORT Unit Fraser Centre

Alia Januwalla and Brittney La Pietra

presentation slides


Supporting youth transitioning from child to adult services – A case example by Community Engaged Scholarship Institute

Dr. Elizabeth Jackson and Sara Ropp

presentation slides


Research impact for the benefit of communities – Enhancing University of British Columbia’s knowledge exchange capacity

Karine Souffez

presentation slides

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