Map of Community-Based Research Centres and People

Explore the map of CBRCanada members, featuring academic institutions, research centres, community organizations, and community-based researchers across Canada and beyond. 
Are you involved in community-based research and want to be featured on the map? If you are a CBRCanada member (studying or working at a CBRCanada member institution or registered individual member) you can add your profile to the map. 

  • Click on the top-right icon, "View larger map" to open the map on a new page
  • Select "Edit" at the top left of the map
  • Select "Individual Members" box only (deselect all other categories)
  • Zoom in to your place of work/study on the map 
  • Click "Add Marker" icon (under the search bar) and place your icon on the map
  • Type your name in the top bar, your research areas in the box below, and upload a photo of yourself (optional: add your email address)
  • Click Save
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Note: A limitation of MyMaps is that only those with a Google account can edit the map

MyMaps created with the support of CBRCanada volunteer Rosa McBee