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Call for Panelists - Community-based research at the cross-roads: Equity, social justice, and change

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Community-based research has great potential to contribute toward transformative societal impacts that benefit and uplift marginalized communities across Canada and the world. This important work, however, often goes under recognized. CBRCanada is seeking panelists for an upcoming panel discussion on the topic of "Community-based research at the cross-roads: Equity, social justice, and change.”

To mark the two-year anniversary of the pandemic, CBRCanada invites applications from community-based and/or academic researchers to participate in a panel discussion about the role of community-based research and social justice given the complexities of this current socio-political and historical moment. Over the past two years, the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, rising health inequities and multiple syndemics have created turmoil for many communities. As a global society, we have witnessed conflicts and war, police violence, increased overdoses, mass graves identified at residential schools, migration and displacement, and faltering cracks in our health, education, and long-term care systems. Many lives have been lost. For many, grief has taken on a new meaning. At the same time, over the last two years, grassroots communities have mobilized brilliant community-led strategies, visions and acts of resistance and collective care within communities and social movements.

As a community of community-based researchers, we have dialogued about how research projects and teams of partners have rapidly adapted and responded to pressing societal problems amplified by the pandemic, climate changes and growing social inequities. This panel invites presenters to reflect on:

  1. The role of social movements and community-based research

  2. How community-based research has, or could contribute to larger social change efforts

  3. Explorations of community-based research, social change, and just futures

While explorations of particular projects may ground presentations as case studies, we are particularly interested in panelists who can speak broadly the above themes of social justice, social movements, and the role of community-based research in advocating for better futures.


This recorded panel will be featured at CBRCanada’s Awards Gala on June 1, 4:00-6:00pm ET (registration coming soon), a national event to honour Canada’s excellence in community-based research, as well as profiled on CBRCanada’s website.

CBRCanada is a non-profit membership-based organization. Panelists must be affiliated with a CBRCanada member institution OR be a registered individual member, and be available for the following events:

  1. A preparation meeting (May, 2022, 1 hour)

  2. Panel  Discussion (June 1, 4:00-6:00 pm ET), "Community-based research at the cross-roads: Equity, social justice, and change.”   

CBRCanada particularly welcomes applicants whose research, advocacy, and/or experience with community-based research dovetails with our speaker series over the past two years:

Share your learning and insights on a panel of community-based researchers and advocates committed to community-based research, social change, and just futures.

>> Apply to be a panelist by April 4, 2022

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