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Book: Community Engagement in Higher Education From Theory to Practice

Singh, M., Bhatt, P., Singh, W., & Pareek, K.S. (Eds.). (2023). Community Engagement in Higher Education: From Theory to Practice (1st ed.). Routledge India.

This book explores the finer nuances of community engagement in Indian higher education, ranging from theory to practice. It contextualizes the concept and practice of community engagement in the contemporary context, capturing global experiences, insights and varied standpoints. The volume also identifies gaps present in the system and recommends solutions for the successful implementation and scaling up of the practice of community engagement not only in India but also at the global level. It also brings to the forefront; opinions, perspectives and experiences of stellar women and their valuable scholarship with the aim of addressing the gender gap in the field of knowledge production on community engagement.

The book will be of interest to scholars, teachers and researchers of education, higher education and sociology of education. It will also be useful for academicians, think tanks, higher education administration, policymakers, civil society organizations, higher education institutions and those interested in the study of community engagement.

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