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Post-Doctoral Fellowship: evaluating federal funding of non-profit organizations


This is a unique research opportunity to work within an academic and community context to advance the non-profit sector’s knowledge and understanding of how federal funding practices, processes and policies impact non-profits and how effective current funding practices are in meeting the government’s objectives for their funding programs. Working in collaboration with Imagine Canada, the Postdoctoral Fellow will lead the research study and develop several case studies of charities and non-profits that receive funding from different federal programs.

This position requires a PhD in a relevant field (obtained within the last 5 years). The successful candidate will become a Postdoctoral Fellow at Saint Paul University, supervised by Dr. Krys Maki. They will also work closely with Emily Jensen, Imagine Canada’s Manager of Strategic Advocacy. A stipend of $50,000 per year will be provided, with a funding period of 18 months.


The postdoc posting is open from June 21 9am EST until July 12, 5pm EST. 

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