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New Member: Trent Community Research Centre

The Trent Community Research Centre is excited to re-engage with Community-Based Research Canada and its members! For nearly 25 years, community-based research at Trent has combined the knowledge and research needs of the community with the research expertise of Trent University faculty and students. Research questions come from a wide range of community groups and organizations including local municipalities, social service agencies, environmental organizations, and community interest groups. Trent faculty provide support to students in their work and help guide projects toward successful outcomes for both the local community and students.

On July 1, 2018, The Trent Community Research Centre (TCRC) was formally integrated into Trent University. Prior to this, the TCRC, and its predecessor the Trent Centre for Community-Based Education, operated as a third party facilitator of community-based research opportunities for the University. A large focus following the formal integration has been to increase institutional awareness of the CBR program and opportunities that exist for undergraduate and graduate students across most disciplines.

As our 2019-2020 CBR year has come to a close, we reflect on our thankfulness to our community hosts, faculty, staff and students for the support, and commitment that has been shown during these difficult times. The need for community-engaged scholarship is perhaps more important now, than ever before. We are so thankful for the relationships that have been forged, and that our collaborative ability to deliver timely, quality, solutions-based research has been minimally impacted. The TCRC has experienced a significant expansion in research opportunities for students, and project proposals from community hosts. Over the past year, we have piloted a number of initiatives to provide additional supports to our stakeholders such as a CBR Bootcamp, a Research Workshop Series, and the co-facilitation of research days with both the agricultural industry, and human service and justice sectors. In addition, we have been fortunate to host a series of online training modules through our website that focus on introducing CBR to 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate students.

TCRC By the Numbers for 2019-2020:

  • 31 Community Hosts provided one or more projects;

  • 23 Faculty supervised and supported student researchers;

  • 56 Students were directly involved in community-based research.

Quick Facts:

  • Projects commence at the beginning of the Fall, Winter, or Summer Term.

  • Students undertake research for academic credit.

  • Trent Faculty supervise each project.

  • Final projects are posted to Trent’s Digital Archive.

Partner spotlight: Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods (SUN)

"Working with the TCRC has deepened our organization's connections to the Trent community, extended the work we're able to do through our program, and provided a Trent student with an opportunity to apply their skills beyond the classroom. Developing a CBR project strengthened my skills as a project coordinator, too- the learning goes both ways!" -Hayley Goodchild, Project Coordinator

Please connect with us!

Ryan Sisson, M.Sc., E.P.

Coordinator, Trent Community-Based Research EL Team Lead, Department of Co-op, Careers and Experiential Learning

Trent University, 1600 West Bank Drive, Peterborough, ON K9L 0G2


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