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CBRET Workshop in Ottawa

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

The Community-Based Research Excellence Tool (CBRET) is a reflective assessment tool for those involved in community-based research (learn more). CBRET aims to assess the quality and impact of community-based research proposals and projects. The trainers for the workshop are Joanna Ochocka and Rich Janzen, the co-directors of Centre for Community Based Research. Read below to learn more!

April 25, 2019

Carleton University hosted a CBRET workshop in Ottawa and the day was a success! 16 people came to the workshop and shared their experiences and feedback on the tool. 

On the evaluation form, all participants reported that the workshop gave them the opportunity to gain from others (86% very satisfied and 14% satisfied). One person made the comment, “The openness of the facilitators allowed us to share our views, knowledge, and questions with them as well as among ourselves.” Another person commented that the tool was “very useful as a take home package.” In response to the question about how the workshop could have been better, some people wrote that they would have liked more examples, others wanted more time on the tool, and another person wished for more small group discussions. 

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