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Book: Decolonization in Practice: Reflective Learning from Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Datta, R. (Ed.). (2023). Decolonization in Practice: Reflective Learning from Cross-Cultural Perspectives. Canadian Scholars’ Press.

Decolonization in Practice speaks to the practical work of dismantling colonial ideologies and features contributions from Indigenous, Black, racialized immigrant, refugee, and ally scholars, researchers, and practitioners who share their experiences enacting decolonizing work in their communities. Each chapter presents stories of inspiration, resistance, unlearning, relearning, and transformation on the journey towards reconciliation.

This edited collection asks, “How do we understand anti-racist practice as a framework for reconciliation?” “How can we identify areas of obstacle and opportunity?” and “How can we take responsibility for decolonizing our ways of knowing and acting?” These questions are asked in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s assertion that meaningful engagement among Indigenous Peoples and non-Indigenous people will be key in advancing reconciliation through anti-racist solidarity. Contributors share personal decolonial stories and explore taking responsibility for building a decolonial community from and within everyday practice for transforming our learning into action to achieve social and environmental justice goals.

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