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Book Chapter Abstracts: International Perspectives on Gender-based violence and harm

Dr. Angie Wilcock along with a colleague, Helen Williams are inviting academics and practitioners to submit a chapter abstract for a new edited book which explores international perspectives on gender-based violence and harm. This book will bring together contemporary and context-specific understandings of gender-based violence which extend beyond established Western paradigms of private and public violence/harm and/or sexual violence. We are particularly interested in perspectives from the Global South and those which highlight newer forms of violence and abuse such as online harm.

Deadline for abstracts is 15th December 2023. The proposal is to be submitted to Palgrove Macmillan around 21st December 2023. If the proposal for the book is accepted we will come back to you with a timeline of requirements. Each final chapter requires a word count of around 6000 words.

Please feel free to contact the editors Dr. Angie Wilcock, and Helen Williams with any questions or for an informal chat about the proposed edited collection.

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