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BHER Media Release

Trent Community Research Centre

Expands Community-Based Research

And Community-Service Learning Opportunities to Address Sustainability, Stewardship, and Build Capacity for a Net-Zero Economy

The Trent Community Research Centre (TCRC) has secured funding from the Business and Higher Education Roundtable (BHER) to support community-based research projects and community-service learning opportunities focused on sustainability, climate change, and a net-zero economy. As a partner of BHER, Trent University continues its commitment to collaborative efforts between post-secondary institutions and industry leaders to pave the way for a sustainable future. Speaking of the partnership, [BHER Representative] states,

“Canada’s business and post-secondary leaders face many challenges as a result of climate change, and more sustainable and secure business models are needed now more than ever. Working together to build capacity in the face of these challenges is more critical than ever and will strengthen Canada’s economy along the way.”

The collaboration between the TCRC and BHER showcases Trent University's dedication to sustainability and its commitment to driving collaborative efforts between academia and industry. Through community-based research and community-service learning, students at Trent University are empowered to make a meaningful impact by addressing real-world challenges related to sustainability, climate change, and a net-zero economy. This partnership fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovation, paving the way for practical solutions and a more sustainable future.

About Community-Service Learning

Community-service learning (CSL) is an integral part of the academic curriculum at Trent University, integrated into academic studies through optional assignments in first- and second-year courses in various departments. CSL opportunities involve 10 to 15 hours of volunteer work that supports the work of a local organization. CSL experiences supplement and align with the goals of the courses in which they are situated and are offered at the discretion of Faculty.

Trent University, with the support of Careerspace, partners with a variety of community organizations to ensure that students have access to meaningful and impactful volunteer opportunities that align with their field of study and the topic of their course. This approach to learning is designed to benefit both students and the community, fostering mutual learning and collaboration. Faculty at Trent University are encouraged to incorporate community-service learning into their courses, providing resources and support to help them do so. By engaging in community-service learning, students develop practical skills, deepen their understanding of research in real-world settings, build meaningful relationships, and contribute to the well-being of the surrounding communities.

About Community-Based Research

Through Community-Based Research (CBR) projects, students at Trent University work closely with community organizations and stakeholders to conduct research that directly addresses their specific needs and challenges. By integrating academic knowledge and expertise with community perspectives, CBR generates practical and impactful solutions that contribute to sustainable development.

Through their partnership with BHER, TCRC is pleased to announce the launch of a new capstone course in Trent’s School of Business. This new opportunity will enable business students to work alongside one another on community-based research projects that build capacity for a net-zero economy. Registration is now open for students wishing to participate in the 2023-24 academic year.

Those interested in being involved with either community-based research or community-service learning at Trent University are encouraged to contact, or find more information on our website at


This initiative is made possible thanks to funding provided by the Government of Canada and Business + Higher Education Roundtable.

The Business + Higher Education Roundtable (BHER) is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization bringing together some of Canada’s largest companies and leading post-secondary institutions. Since 2015, BHER has worked to harness the strengths of Canada’s business and post-secondary education sectors to build opportunities for young Canadians, boost innovation and drive collaboration. Learn more at Visit our WIL Hub for ways to explore, invest in and create quality WIL opportunities.

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