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Article: Supporting peer researchers: recommendations from our lived experience/expertise in community-based research in Canada

Ibáñez-Carrasco, F., Watson, J. R., & Tavares, J. (2019). Supporting peer researchers: recommendations from our lived experience/expertise in community-based research in Canada. Harm reduction journal, 16(1), 55. 

Community-based research in HIV in Canada is a complex undertaking. Including peer researchers living with HIV meaningfully is intricate and costly. However, this inclusion guarantees results that translate to community action, policy-making, and public awareness. Including HIV+ peer researchers expedites the path from research to intervention. However, we must constantly review our support in light of three implicit tasks performed by peer researchers: constant disclosure, emotional labor, and advocating for meaningful participation. Our team offers four pillars of support to reduce harm and strengthen the self-determination, confidence, advocacy, and impact for HIV+ peer researchers. The provision of emotional, instrumental, educational, and cultural/spiritual support might seldom be standardized within a study, but to successfully engage in community-based research, study teams must articulate what support can be offered in each area.

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