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Article: African Caribbean Presence: Decolonizing Social Work Education

Hackett, V. R. (2019). African Caribbean presence: Decolonizing social work education 2019. Intersectionalities: A Global Journal of Social Work Analysis, Research, Polity, and Practice, 7(1), 105-125. 

The article discusses the decolonization of social work education from an intersectional African Caribbean lens in the context of ongoing colonization of Indigenous lands and peoples of Turtle Island (also known as North America). An African Caribbean approach to decolonizing social work education raises important questions about the need to attend to the maintenance of  the humanity of people of African descent across the diaspora as we engage in this process and project of decolonizing social work education. A gap in social work literature addressing the knowledge, lived experience, and social realities of African Caribbean peoples can be attributed to the centralization of western values and ideas in social work education even as it critiques colonialism and anti-Black racism.

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