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Apply for the Housing Research Scholarship Program

We’re collaborating with Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to provide research training awards and supplements.

Beginning in 2024, eligible master's and doctoral students may qualify for funding support under the program.

The Housing Research Scholarship Program offers research training awards and supplements to postdoctoral researchers and doctoral and master’s students in the social sciences and humanities. Your work must be related to one or more of the National Housing Strategy’s priority areas for action.

The 2024 application window is now open

Postdoctoral fellowshipsLaunch: June 5, 2024Deadline: September 12, 2024 (8 p.m. Eastern Time)

Doctoral studentsLaunch: August 1, 2024Deadline through a Canadian institution with a quota: Contact your institutionDeadline directly to SSHRC: October 17, 2024 (8 p.m. Eastern Time)

Master’s studentsLaunch: September 1, 2024Deadline: December 1, 2024 (8 p.m. Eastern Time)

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