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Community-Based Research Certificate Course: Fundamentals and Excellence

Bursary Information 

CBRCanada is dedicated to providing equitable access to learning opportunities, recognizing that Community-Based Research can take place outside of structures of power and privilege. We will be providing one bursary spot for an individual with economic barriers to participate in our Certificate Course, with their course fees covered by CBRCanada. To be eligible for this bursary spot:

  • You have some background in research (this does not need to be formal research training from an institution; it could be informal experiences participating in grass-roots research).

  • You have a current engagement in or interest in conducting community-based research that promotes positive social change

  • You are able to attend each weekly class over Zoom (you have a device and Internet access and availability to attend during the class times)


To apply for this bursary spot, please email with:

  • A description of any previous background in research

  • A statement of how you currently use or plan to use community-based research within your community for positive social change

  • A description of any economic barriers to accessing the course


Note that priority may be given to individuals who self-identify as being from communities that systemically face reduced economic opportunities, as well as individuals who currently participate in or lead community-based initiatives that promote social change for their community. Current students of post-secondary institutions may be considered if there's demonstrated financial need and commitment to advancing social change through community-based research for their community, however priority may be given to individuals who have not had access to formal institutions for learning. If you face accessibility challenges with providing a written application, please let us know and alternative options for applying can be provided.

Have questions? Please contact us at

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