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Dr. Areej Al-Hamad.png
Dr. Areej Al-Hamad
Assistant Professor, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing, Toronto Metropolitan University
Board Member

Dr. Areej Al-Hamad is an Assistant Professor at the Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing, Toronto Metropolitan University. She holds a PhD from Western University and another PhD in Rural and Northern Health/Health Policy from Laurentian University. Dr. Al-Hamad's academic journey and professional pursuits are deeply rooted in enhancing healthcare and wellbeing of vulnerable population through innovative and empowering research and education, particularly focusing on women’s health, food and housing insecurities and the wellbeing of marginalized communities including immigrants and refugees.

Renowned for her commitment to community-based research, Dr. Al-Hamad has extensively explored the healthcare, settlement and integration, food and housing experiences, sense of belonging and economic inclusion including employment and entrepreneurship experiences of different refugee groups including Syrian and Ukrainian refugee women, shedding light on their challenges and resilience. Her work transcends academic realms, actively contributing to the broader discourse on social justice and health equity. As peer reviewer for several journals and Associate Editor for the Diversity & Inclusion Research Journal, she leverages her expertise to elevate critical research in migration, integration, settlement and health and social sciences. Through her contributions in academia and community engagement, Dr. Al-Hamad exemplifies a steadfast dedication to social justice, equity, diversity, and the betterment of societal health structures. Dr. Al-Hamad supervised and mentored several undergraduate and graduate students. Dr. Al-Hamad has several affiliate positions including University of Calgary, Graduate Program in Immigration and Settlement Studies at TMU, and the MSc Occupational Health and Safety Program at TMU.  

Dr. Al-Hamad has an extensive publication record in highly reputable journals. In addition, she has extensive experience in grant writing and successful funding achievements, such as the SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis Grant and the SSHRC Insight Development Grant, QNRF, FCS together of conducting several impactful knowledge translation events and forums. Dr. Al-Hamad is a certified JBI reviewer and has also been recognized with various awards, like the Western University/ Louise Rickwood PhD award for best and impactful dissertation and academic achievements, reflecting her commitment to excellence in research and academic endeavors. Dr. Al-Hamad sits on several committees including DCSN Quality Assurance and Scholarship, Research and Creativity (SRC) committee. Dr. Al-Hamad is currently involved in several international research projects, and she sits on the Toronto Metropolitan University's Research Ethics Board as a Reviewer.

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