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Toolkit and other Resources: Family Caregiving Project

The Family Caregiving Project is a research study exploring the experiences of families affected by mental illness, being conducted in collaboration with community mental health agencies in Ontario. Unlike most other research on caregiving in the context of mental illness, this study focuses on the entire family, including those diagnosed with mental illness as family members and active participants in the navigation of caring needs.

The project team has developed a wide variety of resources available on their website, including:

  1. An educator’s guide to support training of health care students and providers supporting families

  2. A gallery of educational videos from hosting Family Mental Health Cafés across Ontario

  3. A facilitation toolkit to host your own Family Mental Health Café

  4. A discussion guide to support community conversations around mental illness in families

  5. A workbook to help families discuss caregiving issues

  6. Additional educational materials for classrooms and further learning

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