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Scholarship Program: apply AI methods to real public health issues

Artificial Intelligence for Public Health (AI4PH) is a health research training program concerned with transformative change in addressing population and public health challenges and understanding how these tools impact health equity.

The AI4PH team is excited to announce that their 2023/2024 programing is now open for applicants. We offer scholarships for graduate students, and a variety of (free!) short courses with the option of a certificate program for students and professionals.

Their scholarship program is intended to provide supervision of Masters, PhD, DrPH, and postdoctoral fellows in the disciplinary areas of public health, computer science, biostatistics, equity, policy, and ethics. They aim to empower recipients in both research and applied public health settings, with the knowledge to understand the role of AI and the skills to apply AI methods to real public health issues in different contexts.

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