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Hiring: Part-time Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator at McMaster's Faculty of Social Sciences

The Community Research Platform (CRP) is an ongoing partnership between the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) and 5 anchor organizations in the Hamilton community. The CRP facilitates research collaborations in a way that builds, facilitates, and sustains relationships of trust and reciprocity between McMaster scholars and colleagues at partner organizations. This “relational infrastructure” fosters ethical and robust programs of community-engaged research and meaningfully advances community wellbeing.

A key goal of the CRP is to increase the research capacity of all partners and to ensure knowledge gained from research projects is shared and taken up in a way that is equitable, accessible, and impactful. To further advance the CRP’s research and knowledge mobilization infrastructure, processes, and resources, we are seeking a part-time Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) Coordinator. This position reports to the CRP Program Manager and works closely with McMaster faculty, students and staff and community partner stakeholders.

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