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Community Knowledge Open Library (CKOL) launched by Quebec English-Speaking Communities Research Net

The Quebec English-Speaking Communities Research Network (QUESCREN), at Concordia University in Montreal, has launched the Community Knowledge Open Library (CKOL). It preserves and makes available in full-text format the “grey literature” (reports, media releases, briefs, etc.) produced by groups serving Quebec’s English-speaking minority communities. This material is very rich, containing day-to-day and strategic knowledge developed within the groups. Often it is produced by women, who are central to the English-speaking community sector. Unfortunately, before CKOL, this material tended to be scattered, offline, or otherwise hard to locate, and even lost with staff turnover, technology changes, etc. CKOL ensures this valuable grey literature is preserved and available now and in the future. For enquiries, contact "QUESCREN".

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