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Canadian Journal of Digital Communication: Call for short essays or research briefs

This CFP calls for short essays or research briefs that consider contemporary Canadian and global digital policy from a feminist and intersectional perspective.  

Writing in 2018, Vicki Mayer[1] called for a genealogy of feminist studies of media governance, to address: policy issues (what makes policies feminist? when does gender matter to media governance?) and processes (what is the global geography of gendered activism that has shaped media policy?). These questions are increasingly pertinent to digital policy making, as it struggles to keep pace with technological developments that are reshaping broader social inclusions and exclusions.

Digital policy issues are myriad and include access, digital inclusion and digital literacy; digital privacy, surveillance and security; AI, algorithms and data discrimination; technologically facilitated gender-based violence; and tech regulation related to ownership, copyright and anti-trust/competition law.

In this issue of the CJC Policy Portal, we aim to compile a set of necessary intersectional critiques and commentaries on the state of digital policy in Canada and beyond.


Submission Deadline and Guidelines  

Submission deadline: March 15, 2024

Peer-review Process: Spring 2024

Publication: Est. Fall 2024

Submission Length: 3,000–4,000 words, including references 

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