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Call for Papers – AJCP Special Issue on Advancing Immigrant and Refugee Rights (due Oct 30)

The American Journal of Community Psychology is calling for papers on its' special issue on Advancing Immigrant and Refugee Rights: Promoting Empowerment, Justice, Equity, and Liberation.

In recent years, the world has witnessed unprecedented levels of displacement and migration due to conflicts, political unrest, climate change, and socioeconomic disparities, among other crises. Immigrants and refugees face multifaceted challenges as they navigate unfamiliar environments, adapt to new cultural norms, and grapple with structural inequalities. Their rights to safety, security, health, education, employment, and social inclusion are often compromised while they migrate and in their new communities, limiting their opportunities for growth and thriving.

This Special Issue aims to amplify research that advances the understanding of rights of people on the move and displaced populations, including immigrants and refugees, with a specific focus on promoting justice and equity. We encourage submissions that explore theoretical perspectives, empirical investigations, and community-engaged interventions that address the needs and rights of migrant and displaced groups such as refugees, immigrants, unaccompanied minors, asylees, temporary protected status holders, etc. We are particularly interested in studies that examine the intersecting systems of oppression and privilege that shape their experiences, as well as those that propose innovative approaches for promoting rights, empowerment, social justice, and liberation within these communities. This Special Issue takes a global perspective, so international papers are welcomed. We encourage papers from related disciplines and transdisciplinary work, and projects that bring together researchers, practitioners, and advocates.

We welcome submissions across a range of topics on immigrant and refugee rights.

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