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Applications Open: CIHR Grant - STBBI Research in Canada: Beyond HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C

The CIHR Grant in STBBI Research in Canada: Beyond HIV/AIDS and Hepatits C is now open.

The purpose of the funding opportunity is to support a diversity of CBR teams to build and strengthen capacity for CBR and knowledge mobilization activities that are centred in the self-determined priorities of the communities and will lead to improved health outcomes for key populations disproportionately affected by STBBI in Canada. Funds will be made available in two stages: Letter of Intent (LOI) stage to support building community-centred teams and developing full applications; and Full Application Stage for applicants successful at the LOI stage.

Funding: $100,000 grants will be provided to awarded applicants for up to 1 year.

Anticipated Timelines

  • Webinar: February 2024

  • LOI Application Deadline: June 2024

  • LOI Funding Start Date: October 2024

  • Strengthening workshop: Winter 2025

  • Full application Deadline: September 2025

  • Full application Funding Start Date: January 2026

The official CIHR funding opportunity will be posted on ResearchNet in the coming weeks.

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