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Applications Open: 2024 NordForsk-Led International Joint Initiative on Sustainable Development in the Arctic

This international joint initiative represents a collaboration among research funders from Canada, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the United States. The Arctic region has seen and continues to see rapid and drastic changes, mostly due to climate change, which has a bigger impact in the Arctic than in the rest of the world. Declining sea ice has also opened possibilities of new transport routes, new opportunities for resource extraction, and led to increased international interest in the region. The direct effects of climate change, as well as these indirect ones, have a significant impact on ecosystems, Arctic communities and traditional ways of living. Through interdisciplinary research projects that include Indigenous perspectives, this call will leverage expertise across Arctic countries to explore approaches to sustainable development in the Arctic, considering aspects such as security, natural resources and societal changes.

Registration deadline for Canadian research teams: May 30, 2024

Application deadline for Canadian research teams: Fall 2024

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