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Case Studies

Explore featured case studies that take a community-based approach. The scholarship highlighted below comes from authors within Canada and across the globe within a variety of disciplines, all practicing community-based research. 

Journal Articles

This publication showcases 12 best exemplars of community-campus case studies presented at the National Summit in Waterloo, ON. There are a wide range of topics covered including Indigenous communities, environment, mental health, disabilities, and community development.

Visioning Health II emerged from the Visioning Health I pilot study. Findings indicated that research can be healing for participants, when done with attention to: MEIWA, strengths, Indigenous knowledges, cultural traditions, and ceremony. Visioning Health II involved the participation of 67 Indigenous women who are HIV-positive between the ages of 24 to 70 years across eight sites in Canada.

This study investigated how to create a new parenting assessment tool in BC that aligned with an Indigenous value system.

This research project sought to identify strategies that could be used to address challenges to supporting transitional age youth (TAY) living with Developmental Disabilities and Dual Diagnosis.

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