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Fall's Webinar and Discussion Series: Community-Based Research with Racialized Communities

This Fall 2020, CBR Canada welcomes you to participate in a three-part webinar and live discussion series exploring the topic of Community-Based Research with Indigenous and Racialized Communities. This series is an opportunity to reflect as a network of community-based researchers on 1) BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) community-led research, 2) researcher identity and privilege 3) decolonizing research systems. 

This series begins with a recognition that privilege exists at an intersection of factors such as gender, sexual orientation, income, lack of Indigenous sovereignty, and the social construction of race. Recognizing privilege is not enough, the next step is to listen and learn from the expertise and lived experience of BIPOC communities. Speakers will showcase their experiences as community-based researchers working with Indigenous and racialized communities across Canada in a series of three webinars. A week following each webinar, CBR Canada invites the network to come together in a live discussion to dive deeper and explore how to integrate learnings into our own research projects or work.  

September 24th at 12 noon ET

Webinar #1: Opportunities and barriers for genuine participation of racialized communities in CBR: A social determinants of health case study with Sub-Saharan African Women Living with HIV (SSAWLH) in BC

Speaker: Ngozi Joe-Ikechebelu


October 1st at 12 noon ET

Live Discussion #1: BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) Community-Led Research


October 22nd at 12 noon ET

Webinar #2: Proclaiming the Roots and Realities of Indigenous-Black Peoples on Turtle Island: A CBR Approach

Speakers: Ann Marie Beals and Dr. Ciann Wilson


October 29th at 12 noon ET

Live Discussion #2: Researcher identity and privilege


November 20th at 12pm Est

Webinar #3: Decolonizing and racing research: Critical perspectives on research with racialized communities

Speaker: Rhonda Hackett 


November 27th at 12pm Est

Live Discussion #3: Decolonizing research systems


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