Social Planning Cowichan (SPC) is a registered charitable society founded in May 2004. Its goal is to provide leadership that brings the community together to create a sustainable quality of life for everyone in the Cowichan Region. In 2008 Social Planning Cowichan was gifted the work of Cultural Connections as a legacy from the 2008 North American Indigenous Games. This included the continuation of co-hosting the annual Walk of Nations and generating opportunities for cross cultural bridge building, between First Nations and non First Nations community members

Mission Statement: 
Social Planning Cowichan researches, forms partnerships, creates strategies and informs the Cowichan 
public about social planning issues.


  • To conduct research about the social health of the Cowichan Region

  • To educate and inform the Cowichan Region community about social planning issues

  • To facilitate partnerships and community consensus on issues and action plans

  • To recommend action plans and short and long term strategies to improve the quality of life in the Cowichan Region

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