Social Planning Cowichan (SPC) is a registered charitable society founded in May 2004. Its goal is to provide leadership that brings the community together to create a sustainable quality of life for everyone in the Cowichan Region. SPC identifies community priorities for action, based on research and community consultation through  dialogues, and community based research projects.  One of our ongoing roles in the community is to provide a series of online interactive Community Snapshots that track the health, well-being and happiness index of our community.  

In addition SPC has facilitated cultural connections since the North American indigenous games of 2008 bringing opportunities to raise cultural awareness, deepen the understanding of the impact of Canada’s residential school history led by a team of regional elders. In 2020 the qwutsun Cultural society was formed to continue the development of that work and create legacy projects under the guidance of Elders and indigenous youth. This society rest within SPC until 2022 when it will be establish as it’s on formal entity.