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Shaun Hains
Part-time Professor, Saybrook University

Shaun Hains PhD. is an Indigenous and Native Canadian in the Department of Social Transformation at Saybrook University. Her doctoral work earned her the Emory L. Cowen Dissertation Award from the Society for Community Research and Action, Division 27 of the American Psychology Association in 2002. Her doctoral research guided 100% of Indigenous high school students to remain in school while also serving as a working example of successful Indigenous research methods. She received the National Aboriginal Teacher of the Year Award from the Canadian Teachers’ Federation in 2013 and the Aboriginal Teacher of the Year Award from the Alberta Teachers’ Association in 2012. Her definition of Indigenous research from this study was shared and later published by the Social Sciences and Research Council of Canada’s in their summary paper, SSHRC’s dialogue on research and Aboriginal peoples.” She served as a member of the Aboriginal Ethics Working Group developed by the Canadian Institute for Health Research responsible for developing the Ethical Guidelines for Research involving Indigenous People. In February 2015 she was invited to lead the protection of Cultural Knowledge at the Working Together Conference at Simon Fraser University. In January of 2018, she was recognized by the Women’s Office of the American Psychology Association as an Inspiring Woman of Color among others for her work in Psychology, within this recognition for her work in Ethics and Research.

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