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CoP Infographic: "Readiness to do the work in communities"

In January 2024's CBRCanada Community of Practice session, guest speaker, Jemma Llewellyn from the University of Guelph, shared how her experience of using the Decolonial Praxis* of Ethical Questioning’ as theorized by researchers Afolabi, Kozak, and Smith helped her to determine her readiness and responsibility in documenting non-indigenous youth’s experiences of participating in a settler-Indigenous reconciliation education workshop series.

Community of Practice (CoP) participants were challenged to critically reflect on how academic institutions prepare graduate students, staff, and faculty to engage in socially just research, practice, and scholarship in/with communities.


The infographic below is a summary of what CoP participants shared.

Community of Practice discussion summary_Readiness to do the work in communities
Download PDF • 514KB

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