Online Course *coming soon*

The CBRET Online Course is a 8-week interactive, cohort-based certification course in conducting community-based research with excellence. This course, facilitated by leading experts in community-based research, immerses learners in a deep dive into community-based research and emphasizes practical applications of learning at each stage. By the end of this course, you will have an understanding of how to apply the Community-Based Research Excellence Tool in all stages of your research, with the goal to improve the quality and societal impact of your research. 

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What is CBRET?

CBRET is a reflective tool that assesses the quality and impact of projects when 1) planning a community-based research project; 2) designing existing projects; and 3) evaluating proposals or past projects. CBRET was collaboratively developed as a result of the 2014 SSHRC-funded National Summit on Community-Campus Collaborative Research Indicators of Excellence held in Waterloo Ontario and tested nationally and internationally (read more). 

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