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The Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres (OFIFC) represents the collective interests of 29 Friendship Centres in cities and towns across the province.Friendship Centres are places for community members and Indigenous people living in urban spaces to gather, connect with one another and receive culturally based services.

Following the USAI (Utility, Self-voicing, Access and Inter-relationality) Research Framework, the OFIFC conducts research that is community-driven, relevant, faithful to diverse Indigenous expressions of selfhood, self-voiced, useful, accessible and relations-based. This generates locally-authored Indigenous knowledge and locally-determined, confident, well-informed and effective action to bring desired changes and benefits to the urban Indigenous community served. This means communities have control. They determine all research conduct, establish research priorities, choose methodologies and decide how the findings are used. Taking this approach, we work with communities and create trauma-informed spaces for all members, including youth, Elders and Traditional Knowledge Keepers to contribute safely to research activities.